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ANNEX DD FORM 4 ARMY NATIONAL GUARD SPLIT TRAINING OPTION The proponent agency is ARNG-HRH. The prescribing directive is the ARNG FY Enlistment Criteria Policy. For organizational use only. 3. ROUTINE USES None. 4. DISCLOSURE Voluntary However if not provided you will not be accepted for this enlistment option in the Army National Guard. 1. I understand that enlistment for the Split Training Option provides that a. I must enter on Initial Active Duty for Training IADT to undergo the Army...
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Welcome back Wolfpack Barley's here, and I think we're going to see the legendary chancy chuckle garb splint I mean the Russell team Chandler Phil Sable ye Phil this team strategy amazing I'm excited for this one, so we're going to see how this battle ends up playing out, so the shuffle chancy guards play goes back about as long as double ballast has been a thing because you just go yeah we're gonna guard split it and now chanting super low defense gets patched up by the highest defense in the game, and it becomes absurdly tank and not only got boosted because of few like you just don't see it that much because it's almost one of those things that you think about you're like yeah I could do that, and then you just don't do it, but now we're about to see it in practice so this superpower I mean have you let Chauncey it's just that tank that's a super offensive superpower from a Landlords and then we have the defense curl right there so Chauncey even rocking the defense curl cellos toxic gonna miss and there's the guard split onto Chauncey and I mean GG now we have chuckles defenses plus an offense curl and still a Beau light wow that that did 14 damage I think and shanty has the rest, so we can't get toxic if Shelley's tries to toxic it as well we going to see Chester rust oh you just first turn defense curl guard split call it good and no I'm just going to chill there and there's a power split as well, so I wonder if there's going to be multiple power splits because now we're just making to where the opponent does nothing Lander's okay it's switching out, so it has no power at this point Muse who comes in I mean if it's Mew two I don't even think it matters at this point Chauncey has ridiculous special defense and ridiculous defense and absurd hit points and doesn't care about being asleep um she'll assess the surf though, so he's gonna try to hit some things doesn't really do too much I mean they have you lit chuckle ain't bad like if it's toxic if it's their flight disruption and support might be doing its own little thing out there critical hit, but we're just waiting for them to infestation damage to take down and that's just going to be absurdity of the tackiness right there's an ore sphere from the Mew two onto the chassis yep that's all Mew two's got I mean that's the cool thing about the guard split just makes it to where you can't physically can't beat especially power split makes it to where Mew two's now doing like slightly more or less damage because actually Mel Andres is special I don't know it gained a little more special attack from the Lander's but it's still not looking fantastic some u2 decides to switch it up right there and chuckle doesn't take you dance, so I mean here's the thing it's so beautiful seeing the strategy because we have the best of both tanks we have the pure hit point tanks known as of Chauncey, and then we also have the pure defensive tank of chuckle has some of the lowest hit points a game Chauncey has some...
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